April 26, 2015

It Takes Two to Tango (or worse)

This little thing I threw together while waiting for the first coating of varnish to dry on my boat, shivering a little as the shipyard was rather cold and raw and windy... I don't know whether this visual thought is warming or not. I had a little fun. It's a dance macabre of certain nearness, but no matter how close or intimate, they never really seem to reach at all...

...many relationships work this way. The colours are happy anyway, even if the couple isn't (I don't know).

April 19, 2015

Partly Wooden Angel
and Ceiling Perspectives on Beauty

This little thing (Photoshop pen, photo and Photoshop insanity) would fit nicely in the ceiling of a church or so -- or not. The wooden façade is stretching up to the sky. The angel -- if it is an angel and not a being orbiting lower trajectories, like the rest of us (and why wouldn't we unangels want glorification? we need it better) -- is made of the same stuff as the walls, obviously, and I see some kind of point in that.

Well, let's have a closer look. It strikes me now that there's a point too in not (I drew her on a whim) having a classic beauty. True beauty can be rather unclassic, real angelic imperfection.

April 12, 2015

Violated Violins, Slithering Zithers or Suchlike

From a poster in progress. They play experimental music, and gave me free hands to experiment myself...

Viola d'amore, obviously. (A little poetic license, but they do play the Viola da Gamba, cello and contrabass...) There's not too much room, making the already odd ideas odd in shape too.

The gang is in place (top) and the text roughly where it should, but there's no telling what might happen on the right side (you might hint an outline; soon subject to whim and change, not unnecessarily nonviolent). I hope to get surprised.

April 05, 2015

Suffering, Hope and Worn Messenger Pidgeons
(Letrero por Dolores y Esperanza)

The wonderful thing about Dolores y Esperanza (the name on the letter) is that it means Suffering and Hope respectively, and it could be an actual Spanish name.

Being answered might bring suffering or hope.

Not being answered brings mostly suffering.

April 04, 2015

Happy Easter!

Dear readers,
Happy Easter!
(In Swedish and Spanish too.)

A little Easter egg for you, as thanks for keeping your eyes on Paintstakingly :)

You're very welcome to spread the image above -- just promise to keep it precisely as it is -- as your very own surreal Easter greeting!

(And below, voilà, you find 6 eyes only 4 your eyes only...)

March 29, 2015

Colourful Water Croquis, an Interlude

As my round oil wasn't staying in the same place as me this week, little progress has been made... Instead please allow me to serve you some croquis, from two different settings.

I've recently discovered the fun of using watercolours for this, adding the thrill to this already little odd situation (someone you don't know standing naked before you for arts' sake) that you can't correct or erase. I've found it to be good practice and education -- this way you have to draw correctly from scratch. Indigo, used for the quick poses, is particularly difficult to wash out, delightfully smudgy, very easy to do shadings with...

The most difficult thing -- as I'm no regular croquiseur -- is to think of the body merely as a body -- one attempt failed miserably as Beauty and Artist momentarily got accidental eye contact; quite distracting...

March 22, 2015

Getting Around to a Round Oil

A round, canvas coated cardboard with a bit of The Borrowed Garden in it; snowdrops, crocuses, a Blue tit and suchlike. My plan -- as there's no clear up or down, I really don't want any -- is to work spiralling outwards. I expect the underground towards the edges to be less sweet.

I've got no further than inking and (not) thinking. (Pencil goes too smudgy at once. But Ink seems to stay; nor does it interfere with the oil. Or at least it hasn't before.) Life is a little complicated right now with new music shows ahead, as well as an exhibition -- everything in May -- and as to getting this roundel finished I'm in despair. But we'll see.

March 15, 2015

Of Two Minds

Some people really can't decide. They give you the most different signs and signals, 'my heart is fixed, my mind's made up' -- there's only that actual decision left... They're Of Two Minds.

Ball point pen, Photoshop and for some pesky reason more butterflies. They had better tell me what they want now.

As humans, we're entitled to making decisions. We are not allowed to know beforehand where the decisions will lead; one might question if there's choice really. Of course there is! I am considering making a poster out of this, and you'll get our friend in many different combinations -- the one below is just one example, and if you can't choose, buy several. However, to increase the anxiety of choice, there shall only be one each, they shall all be unique. You're bound by choice. You're doomed to be free. You don't get away.

March 08, 2015

The Pilgrimage, with Nervous Butterflies

Dedicated to Ms. Titti

Dear readers;

In the line of Surrelism, or not, this won't be explained too thoroughly; for Life Quirketh and Turneth, and befoere you knoweth, you have grander problems than before...

This might be a butterfly...

And this one I don't know really...

March 01, 2015


Yours Sinc. has been quite busy in the service of Music this week -- upcoming concert -- and hasn't spent too much time painting. I've attended a croquis session -- might show you the result later -- and after that I got mildly criticized for posting small stuff, doodles and the like and not much in the way of masterworks -- it is not possible to do masterworks weekly. And one good thing about blogging is the continuity. So this, gentle reader, is Varia, or A Muddly Bit of Everything that I found lying about.

At least you haven't seen this: Ink-and-aqua on paper, half letter size; Mr. Ceder Introducing Himself.


Why do they say Dog tired and not Cat tired? I think I am Cat tired. And this, I think, is a cat. Ball point pen -- they're underrated.

Doodling is good on the whole. That's how ideas are born. Here's the boat Little Myy (Lilla My) and a sea monster, made in the margin of something -- can't remember what now.

And with that we'll call it a day. Next week I'll bring you the masterwork... but I gravely doubt it.

February 22, 2015

Scull and Work Ethics

Woke up, and thought:

"No, Not now again!"
(It's no cheerful way to start a day.)
"Yet another morning, for no reason.
Yet another day in the unnecessary life of an artist.
And I'll go to bed hating the regular, normal-flawed society, in all flavours of hatred, and it'll hate me back, in all the currencies of hate."

And later I might think:

"Either they give us Citizen's Salary aka Basic Income Now.
Or they'll have to start selling Vodka Bag-In-Box.
Or else I don't know how to stand it anymore."

But first I had to draw this. Voilà.

February 15, 2015

Half People

(Sorry, poor lighting. I'm no photographer. And Swedish February is no lighting...)

This little oil I finished now on the most heartless Valentine's imaginable, it follows Friday 13:th nicely. It measures some 8x8'' sans thick edges, is named "Half People" and it was tossed off in the middle of this still ongoing exchange of notes between me and this dreaded Ex who is currently learning the art of stalking, including harassing my friends. (She had better stop...) It adds one dimension, though, to the halfness and loneliness -- we are all lonely, in one way or another -- reminding me of an expression in Yiddish that I happen to know (from clarinettist Messrow's wonderful book) and it is: Sei a mensch. Behave like a human.

I try to do, despite having to exchange black spades whilst others exchange red hearts... There are hints of swallows on the side -- utterly impossible in a winter landscape -- and try to stay calm. Impossible too. Some people aren't even half.

February 08, 2015

The Tao of Neon

This little poster started with good old inking -- I often go digital at once these days (easy editing) but having a part in this stint (piano, to go along with song and poetry) and being the one on board who does posters I decided to let go. Just have fun. You can do that when you got free hands. (Just a little electricity for quick colouring and final texting.)

While drawing, my mind wandered to the many strange birds that one has met through the trade, and how different they are. For instance, there’s a certain brand of people who never get it: They want to see their names in gilt neon -- it's awfully Tao, but that's the most efficient method for not getting there... As I've understood this philosophy there is something like Trying Too Much; to strain and fret that is simply against Nature.

...In my course as a poster artist I’ve often encountered these very un-Taoish seekers of neon, wondering how they think. A normal salesperson would yell “buy my book!” -- “fresh strawberries!” or whatever they happen to sell. But especially in Culture, where insanity isn’t uncommon you may chance upon people who are sort of possessed, they would scream their names out loud if they could: “My name is Hedley Schinkengrubler!” -- or whatever it is. Of course that's not very interesting. Then they scream louder. And are heard even less. (Makes perfect sense to said philosophy.)

As a perfect contrast: Two somewhat famous names that I’ve had the honour to do posters for -- one each, not much to brag about -- hardly seemed to care at all. I was told that Barbro Lindgren (Swedish Children’s book writer) was happy that I drew something else than the ordinary Large Author Portrait for her lecture/book signing. (I remember drawing a tree of books; she got a small portrait on one of their backs.) With nice Yvonne Hirdman (a well-known name in Gender History) I remember discussing which kind of headline that would fit the poster for her reading -- it never crossed her mind that her name could be on top at all. We were happy to think of something catchy quite soon, without much effort. Also very Tao. We also had a fine (albeit not too long) conversation; another benefit of not being Hedley.

It is a good thing in this world that celebrates competition and elimination to see people who seem to do well through not being egomaniacs -- and (I have to be honest) also somehow satisfying to see people whose egomania is strictly counterproductive. But I end these ramblings no wiser than I begun (wondering how to avoid future Hedleys). We can get back to the poster. I had fun making the Piano Butterfly below...

...and these rough little calligraphies...

...I also had fun drawing this songbird -- it reminds me a little of the real singer; a fine soul and fellow, a talent in her own right.

This is not Fine Arts, but perhaps nicer thanks to not trying too much. That would be Tao too, and I hope that it works, neon or not. Po-tee-weet!

February 01, 2015

Japanese Lanterns

A little ink-and-aqua (letter size) for a change amidst all digital works. The eyes wanted to rest on something analogue, and there I found dried Japanese lantens [Physalis alkekengi] in a blue teapot.

I felt a little sorry for those fellows following the endless Japanese lantern road through what might be snow or sleet, they drag along in a soggy greyish yellow ochre. I later rediscovered an image of a horse from the Lascaux caves -- yellow ochre too -- which I remember now. I must've been thinking of it, subconsciously, while colouring. The road has been very long.

January 25, 2015

Orchestration, Illustration and Frustration

"Your Own Orchestra" ...or something like that would be the header for the poster containing this -- the lines joining it (as few as possible) would offer my services as an arranger, orchestrator or, if you like, your very own little pianist for hire. Marketing is not my forte. Ironically, doing illustrations for marketing is something of my line...

So I wish that I could settle down. Toss this merry jumble off as easily for myself as I do it for others. Come what may. But marketing Muddles me...

Here you see some lesser details that might not reach the eye in real life, but there's something as a subconscious so I still think that they add to the overall effect.

So, then we only need a headline. A text. And I'd rather sit in the little studio right now with ears aching from adding violins, tuning the trumpets and keeping the bass down than trying to write the few necessary lines -- it's harder. The curious and interested may nonetheless find some of my output on YouTube, and you're always welcome to write to the little studio/illustrator/whatnot through


January 18, 2015

Vive la Difference

Thinking of the rich visual human palette, the colours of eyes and people and all...

I wish that our complexions were as varied as our eyes; there are too few purple people with green freckles (the latter glowing slightly in the dark, like cat eyes?) or why not the other way 'round... make your own. Turquoise skin with brown streaks, with thin intricate lines of light sky blue? Use your imagination. (Let's see what you can do! If you paint or draw something in this colourful vein I'm very happy if you mail it to me -- see "Contact" to the left. You also find me on Facebook.)

For a world of greater beauty, daring and confusion. Vive la difference.

January 11, 2015

Heart, Practical and Unbreakable

As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart! You don't know how lucky you are not to have one. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.
-- Wizard of Oz, to the Tin Man

The tin heart, finally made unbreakable and practical, has a switch for turning the heart on -- In case we should have one but fail to -- and it can also be switched off before it is overloaded or hurt or even broken. There is also a knob for finely adjusting the heat of the heart; very useful for those who over- or underheat.

The tin heart is heavily protected with a code lock and cast in the best hardened steel of Oz. Tick tock, in safety at last.

Kudos to Marie, dear friend and muse, who helps me to come up with so many wonderful sillies. I owe you hedgehogs.

January 08, 2015

For Charlie Hebdo, in Memoriam

And this is what the madmen fear most
A girl with a book, a guy with a pen
They fear music and laughter and song
They fear thoughts too rash, flying drawn too high
-- I’ve heard they also fear paper kites
Fluttering all too gaily in God’s mild Summer sky.
Some of the kites they try to shoot down
Rejoicing in blood, forgetting their God,
But there will be spring.
We shall paint kites.
Flying higher and higher, until Fall
The more they fly, the safer they fly
They cannot shoot them all.