September 21, 2014

Party in Oil, with Angels

This is written in a hurry as I'm going to a party -- partying is more important than blogging. But it might amuse you to see the Angel of Stockholm Central Station finished and drying in the sun ---

--- paint still glittering. Elephants prefer red shoes, by the way. They don't like yellow shoes at all.

Party time! I do need a party.

September 14, 2014

Headless Oil and Soft Violins

I've been able to steal some time for my oil painting. This week: A somewhat headless person among rowanberries (I don't know why. Any suggestions on this head are welcome...)


...the strained hand of the painter in progress. I think that I may thank fellow artist Valeria Montti Colque for the turquoise colour of the scull; I've always found her Mexican art inspiring.

In his attempt to make a living, Yours Sincerely must sometimes put his beloved perpetual oils away and do some quick painting for bread. It is still fun to be given somewhat free hands and spread a little dalírium to the world, such as this soft fiddle.

I did the outline in some kind of red -- nicer than black outlines, I felt.

This is the whole, by the way, used as an invitation for a concert.

- - - May I go back to my oils now?

September 07, 2014

His Excellency Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden as a Penny Pig

Sweden is hopping merrily towards a new election, come next Sunday. Whilst the main purpose of voting is to keep the 'Swedish Democrats' out (half nazis, half idiots, the former capacity half hidden behind the latter) one might still want a change of government. Behold, thus -- oink -- of His Excellency.

While the Swedes are still pouring money in, it's anybody's guess where they go out. I guess for the ear; others might have other suggestions. Nobody knows. Oink.

August 31, 2014

Mini Bluebells served with Hot Ice Cream Poetry

This is all that I had time to do in oil this week; bluebells with a pair of even smaller ballet shoes. (Don't ask me why they're hanging there. I suppose they merely want a rest?) Hereby we're done with the Calm Dept. -- let's go see the wild part...

...which is excerpts from a movie for Karin the Poet, which I am right now trying to finish. (Animation, as I might've told you before, is Hard Work.) I stick to the spirit and words of her poetry, and those words happen to be delightfully sticky in spirit.

The poem is about ice cream. And it is definitely not about ice cream.

-- Don't look below. You didn't even see this...

I and the Poet might soon have a lovely time blaming each other.

August 24, 2014

Subway Train of Thought

This week brings us both oil and digital. As for the former, we have (with the paint still glittering, I'm impatient as usual) a subway train and bluebells still waiting for oily bloom. I prefer sketches. They're promising -- still waiting for blossom -- yet no disappointment or the emptiness that fulfilment would bring, sakura. We have, however, a curious subway train with insect genes dominant, creepy-crawly;

...what happens when subway trains turn into butterflies?

This one is close to cocooning, anyway. The microscopical letters SL stand for Stockholms Lokaltrafik, the institution that brings us these larvae. They're blue nowadays, they were green when I grew up. Sign of ripening?

...and the bluebells are waiting to chime.

It has been an interesting week and we need some fresh O2. But our poor lungs are infected by the beautiful stanzas of my friend Ms. Lampa the Poet, and thus look like this...

...they're holding their increasingly pulmonary breath for some more animation and music; we'll have a little movie eventually. All in good time.

August 17, 2014

Only Art Remains

You are born in a certain way and Life treats you accordingly. This is no sermon for coaches, your self proclaimed saviours or the bestselling author of Control thy Life. But the older you get, the more obvious it is that things happen for little reason at all, paths on the journey were taken quite randomly albeit irrevocably and whatever patterns that you may see are seen in hindsight, invented afterwards. Still we become what we are. (We need not necessarily like it.) And soon we are no more.

As we drag along, we might leave traces, like the slime after a snail. Some leave genes, others good deeds or a name in a book or -- very common -- nothing. I think that, for better and worse, there'll be little left behind me but a few paintings. Some details of this week were painted feeling hope and through some I felt pain -- it already doesn't matter which was when. Only art might remain. And I was born that way.

The biological clock -- or whatever it is -- is finished and funnier with colours on. This week also brings us a dragonfly or damselfly -- and rose painted during perfect distraction, thoughts and petals wandering strange ways -- a dear friend thought that it looked like it wanted to eat her -- nibble, munch and bite -- well, my thoughts were consumed already, and it was thus her turn...

August 10, 2014

Serendipitous Butterfly et al.

Right before my eyes -- a butterfly! At once I had to add it to the surprised canvas. I didn't see it for very long. So this transient, fluttering memory had to become something stylized; I remembered spots -- let us have spots -- why not on the body too -- and this red band on its wings -- let us have a reddish band. Let us make it small, on a par with the real butterfly.

Now, what were we doing...? Ah yes, the angel with the golden orange hair. Now finished at last. I find myself working at snail pace in the heat; hope the next week will see work at all, perhaps more by accident and whim, perhaps even a little beautiful. One should take care of beautiful accidents.

August 03, 2014

Oily Balance

With a lot of other things going on, one has not had too much time for the Oil -- for an Oil follows a different pace than Today does; a technique invented slightly before the Renaissance. It doesn't want to hurry. It wants to lie idling like the angel on the Station Clock, still outlined in ink. (Or perhaps it is a little exhausted too.)

We also have a creepy-crawlie-subway-train going on.

A closer look at the angel. I tried to see that the shadings in the wings somehow corresponded a little to the dark blue sky and the light shining field above it; I often try to let certain hues come back in a kind of rhythm across the painting for the sake of balance.

I also note that angels have orange, just next to golden hair. So now you know that.

July 27, 2014

Angelic Tourism

Waiting outside Stockholm Central Station for a meeting eventually hindered by force majeure, I took to sketching all the funny people that one might see there. Businesspeople hurrying, tourists touristing and people from all corners of the world milling about.

And one of them -- I used to be good at reading lips -- now I'm not -- but I think this lady was Spanish. She now has the unconscious honour of being the central point in an oil, here inked on the gesso coated paper. (Good invention! as for the duration of the medium, we'll live and see and learn. Life is an experiment.)

And then I started on one of the corners, inking and filling apples with oil.

It is anybody's guess what apples have to do with tired tourist angels that rest on top of station clocks. I'll go on throwing details ad hoc in -- some painted live and some painted live from my imagination -- trusting everything to make perfect sense one of those days.

July 20, 2014

Hearty Uncertainty

Perhaps it was this little sketch from earlier this year, something about the blue heart, that led me to draw the "medical poster" below it... finished, give or take a few corrections. The electric shock electrodes (upper left) could sizzle and fizzle better, the English version of this poster could be more on a par with the Swedish one (below) in which the scientific parody is flowing with a greater quirky ease. And so on. I want to leave it behind.

Sadly, Sweden in July is heartbreaking from the perspective of a cultural workaholic. The entire country has shut down for vacations that rage for months, and in this eternal sunshine of the Swedish mind it is impossible to find a reliable printer. The poster exists right now as a digital nightmare, and that's it.

July 13, 2014

Floral Solace

I am still working on the heartbreaking poster of the previous weeks, now and then taking a break for lighter, summerly things, such as this sketch of a purple Foxglove.

As for the poster, we're to read there that "scars (q.v.) and sudden amorous flashbacks can be expected for years after the initial clawings." If old wounds open, metal staples might be an option; replacing one large injury with small friendly stings.

I think that the tone of the background is nice -- ranging as it is from papery yellowing to the smudgy sepia above -- but rather monotonous -- and I am considering a more varied structure, full of surprises. Or something like that.

July 06, 2014

On Glue and other Gently Violent Remedies

Still working on the brokenhearted poster. Yet again Marie (Friend & Muse) came to the rescue -- she suggested that you might use glue for broken hearts.

Perhaps glue is good for loose nerves too? If you add a lot.

I insisted that we need some rope too (for pulling oneself together, at least temporarily).

Yet much remains to do. Shading, refining. The background is still nice and fairly plain -- perhaps a little boring, and I'm pondering whether to make it more varied or not. Perhaps one could do something funny with it, we'll see...

June 29, 2014

On Frying Memories

According to a dear and anonymous friend, electric shocks might be a good idea for a select few of all that suffer severe Downs, why I include it in my educational poster on the Curing/First Aid Mending (haven't decided which is the most apropriate) of Broken Hearts. Problem is, most who ever try might loose the good memories too. And a little of memory on the whole, in what the experienced refer to as "frying". The memories that go, for better and worse, are represented as post-it notes -- what else?

(N.b. Work in progress. Yet far from perfect...)

A curious by-effect is that you get some curious aftertaste of garlic in the mouth -- or something like that. My friend can't remember precisely, which is precisely the thing that speaks against frying in the first place. Thus only the really desperately low try electrified amnesia voluntarily.
"Well, perhaps it helped..." -- my friend says --
"...or not."

June 22, 2014

The Wrong Kind of Bees

I think that it was dear friend Marie who came up with the idea that certain kinds of stinging thoughts might in fact be Bees. Hatching and breeding in the brainhive, they soon find their way out and buzz about; they don't leave a poor heart alone for any time worth mentioning and they have the habit of reappearing, in dozens or swarms, as inconveniently as possible.

These winged heralds of longings uninvited are intended for a large poster -- working name of Methods for Mending Broken Hearts -- an anatomical scheme and overview. As for the heart, I haven't quite got started yet so right now the bees don't have anything to sting. But it'll come. You don't really know that you have a heart before you get the Wrong Kind of Bees buzzing around it.

June 15, 2014

The Untimely Time Clock (Bing!)

Merely a little ink-and-aqua sketch, still conveying my feeling for the weird kind of apparatus known as the Clock Card Machine or Punch Clock for short. It can be seen whenever and wherever truly pointless activities take place -- as soon as you see something really silly going on, keep an eye open for the punch clock -- it might be hidden in the most weird places, behind the corner, under the carpet, but I promise you that it is there.

The actual machine has fallen into disuse -- but as a mental state it's next to incurable. You put in a card and the machine goes bing and you get the stamp of Worthy Member of the Society and you are now free to forget the total pointlessness of your endeavours and may look down loudly upon artists and other free souls that earn doodley-squat but might be suspected of doing something worthwhile. Just look at them. As if Society was made for having Fun...

"Is that a real profession?" Bing!
"Can you make a living out of that?" Bing!
"What is it good for?" Bing!
"Well, I can afford..." Bing!

And so (bing!) on. This perpetual noise might make it difficult for an artist to concentrate. My office is opening when my eyes open, and closing with the eyelids too -- on some days I'm out of office between, say, four and seven a.m. I'm not in any mood to hear any binging then. One has to remember that some victims of Mental Clock Punch can't help it and honestly believe that their way of life is sane -- despite all logical, not to mention ecological evidence on the contrary. In other words: They suffer from mechanical self-esteem. You have to remember, dear artist, or dear anyone who lives and works outside the box and the clock -- the poor fellows who have to criticise your profession are merely to be viewed as a (natural but irksome) part of your profession... Bing!

June 08, 2014

Shows, Posters and Positive Stress

I've decided not to hurry with this one. I'll add colours later. Constant hurry has been something like the theme of the week...

...for instance, there's a jolly fine new little show coming up with Anita, my dancing friend (I'll stay behind the piano) and this wants a poster...

...and practically meanwhile, as I was busy practising & rehearsing for the same, I had this neat little order -- also for a poster, or at least a flyer -- for a "political cabaret" -- all I got to know really was that it was about a cleaning lady. Who cleans train cars. Adding a little theatre to it quite exhausted all that I could come up with on those terms. But working with information doesn't necessarily mean that you're very informed yourself -- you have to go on what you've got while time is madly ticking by -- and they did like the image.

It is being mailed and snailmailed en masse now as I write this. -- As for the first work, I'll try to get it done 'til next week. Tick tock.

June 01, 2014


Good evening, good night; Monsieur, Madame? We wear masks. We are not what we seem, what we say and what we hint are two different things. I made this little scene without thinking -- lest I'm not wearing a mask myself, who knows.

The dancers in the background were inspired by the Spring Finale Show hosted by House of Shapes, Stockholm just a couple of weeks ago. There were mostly groups performing from this institute, very few solos. They had kids dancing a little but delightfully out of synch, the more mature ensembles showed due personality among their ranks -- it was the teenagers' groups that danced the really eerie parts: They looked very impressive, but the perfect collectivity of their movements made many of those groups feel like relentlessly perfect dancing machines, their members marionettes of sorts. I wanted to pull a few strings, see what happened...

Let us have a close look at the couple. I think that they might be dancing too? You're very welcome to comment on this Facebook page -- and do bring you mask if you have one.

May 25, 2014

Dove, Pimpernels and a Hangman's Knot.

Drawn and coloured during a sleepless night, now being commented after the next vigilant one -- a dark scene really, this thing that I had to do -- but a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Pimpernels! Happy colouring colours. A cutesy bird (more sugar!) more like a dove than not. And a nice hangman's knot, which the painter had to tie first to get it right, all those intriguing loops and curls. (And had to untie later, finding it a little tempting.) But there is something liberating, sugarsweetly medicating in the thought that one doesn't have to live really, merely drag along on this Via Dolorosa from bad to worse. This could all end anytime. If one has the possibility -- and does not take it -- life is more of a choice. Or with Nietzsche: The liberating view that Life can be taken lightly, be seen as an experiment, and "not a duty, not a calamity, not a trickery". The manners, the watercolour hues in this otherwise frightening scene (choices are frightening stuff when taken to the bottom) are thus as gentle as possible, hopefully bringing balance; the thought being that in ev'ry job that must be done there is an element of fun and
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way.

May 18, 2014


Yours sincerely needed some fresh air. Getting the dark dalírium out for a while. We had lovely weather at last, after all the cold showers. And there were the tulips! I thought of adding some colour to them (they were light yellow with reddish streaks, running like lusty, blood-filled veins in the petals) but they should be nice as they are: The pencil. The paper. Period.

May 11, 2014

The Inner Theatres

Do you possess an Inner Theatre too? -- Tonight: What Could Have Been, a play in three seconds, beautiful but quickly gone. It is staged quite against our will, with no regard for the bitter aftertaste that must follow when Reality comes crushing down. The dream vanishes, or rather, cracks down instantly and painfully like a soap bubble of glass with all the little shards shearing and cutting. And there you are.

It was my friend Marie -- we discussed this subject intensely, and her imagination is actually a tad bit, just a wee bit weirder than mine -- who helped me to find some hope in all this -- solace somehow, here in the shape of stars/flowers. Quite vague and symbolic, true, but there might be as many different kinds of comfort blossoming as there are plays: The child that never was born, the dances that never were danced and having that special someone that you'll never get, etc. etc. This work needed some bright spots that weren't false limelight. (In any crowd, there must be a multitude of these involuntary dream plays going on inside, and we can only show a few.)

And you promise yourself never to think again, dream again, bury down in work and business and routine and whatnot. Chase the actors away, no limelight. Before you know it, however, there's another play coming up with new transient scenes of Could or Should Have Been and longings unfulfilled. And then: Curtain.

More flowers, we need more flowers!

May 04, 2014


Butterflies: Fluttering dreams, mirages, perfect symbols of transience. I wanted to make the dark butterflies black as sorrow, but it didn't go with the contours so I ended up with a bluebrownish tone instead, lighter than I feel. They are still melancholic and impossible.

I am happy with the pattern on the skirt, a counterweight to the dark butterflies. I wish for more light butterflies in life too.